New: Simple and Free Trial Version of CAP Service

CAP has opened a very simple trial feature where you can get a hands-on touch on what CAP is all about. Click and run, no registration is needed nor disclosing anything about yourself before testing. You may test one of the data-sets we have made available as examples, or you may upload your own data and explore what happens. So, what sort of data can you test?

The primarily use-case is detecting unknown anomalies in server log files. CAP filters out events and lines that do not belong to normal operation. Moreover, you can test CAP with any line-based text file – it may be free text or a numeric excel file saved in .txt format or something that we have not yet figured out ourselves!

CAP is a Big Data analytics service that finds anomalies in the data. Anomaly is deviation from the normal: depending on the application it may indicate an IT security threat, system or process failure, mistake or omission in data input or intentional attempt by a malicious user, like a financial fraudster. CAP can detect previously unknown events or data-points in a big volume of data.

Please note that the test version gives only an indication of the capabilities of CAP. Each application segment requires a dedicated configuration and a tailored user interface to optimally serve the particular business need.

The CAP team welcomes your feedback and ideas that may fit to your business needs. Just drop us a message and we’d love to discuss with you whether CAP fits to your needs.

2018 Update: We no longer provide the online demo, but you may contact us for one.

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